Financial report creation with firesys – easier, faster, more secure!

With firesys, you can create financial reports based on Word and Excel completely in house – until publication (print, PDF, HTML, XBRL).
The advantage: based on Microsoft® Office, you can create financial and other publication reports yourself, keeping to the highest standards of quality and in the corporate design of your company.

You can keep an overview at all times of texts, numbers, tables, graphics and diagrams. As firesys is modular in structure, you can configure an individual software package for your own requirements.

Advantages at a glance:

Fully based on Microsoft® Office – your familiar environmentDesired layout – according to the specifications of your design agency
No correction loops – high automation firesys standard layout – easy and quick to use
Save time – working parallelly and collaboratively No manual data entry – reduction of error sources
High security – versioning and validation No media breach – permanent in reporting design
Workflow management – working according to permissions Progress – solutions for online reports and ESMA-specifications (XBRL)

New module: toolsxbrl – direct XBRL-tagging out of firesys

From 2020, the new reporting requirements of ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) must be taken into account. Specifically, this concerns the ESEF format (European Single Electronic Format) and the use of inline XBRL (also iXBRL) – an XBRL embedded in HTML.

firesys offers with toolsxbrl the suitable solution for ESEF requirements

The XBRL tagger provides a smart assignment of taxonomies directly from firesys. The marked ("tagged") numbers and terms are exported in iXBRL format with various additional information as an XHTML file for direct transmission. toolsxbrl was developed in cooperation with AMANA consulting GmbH, the module is a certified XBRL software.

The firesys module groups: Can be individually configured

Click on the individual module groups in the circle for more information.

All you need for a perfect layout. All the required text formats are listed in a style guide. AutoCorrect offers you the option of creating a word list with words that can be automatically corrected on input. In addition, firestarter offers direct access to the firesys Help.


Module overview


The module overview is ready for you to download to get an overview of firesys modules:

firesys-module overview




Grad a firesys module!

Achtung. Fertig. Los.

ESEF becomes European law

From 1st January 2020 annual accounts must be submitted digitally as inline XBRL documents.